love is love


My family is white and southern, I grew up in the suburbs, and everyone I knew until I was 13 was pretty much like everyone else.

In 1984 I was plopped down in front of my grandma’s TV, on the night of the very first MTV Music Awards, when my life changed! There she stood on top of a wedding cake, it was Madonna, within 5 minutes I was a fan! Everything in my young and very girlie mind wanted to know everything about her, which I would learn as the obsessed “wanna-be” I was, but what I really wanted was her chutzpah!

Madonna would be the first person to start to crack my vanilla world open!

When I was 17 I started cosmetology school, and the crack Madonna started, split wide open! All of the sudden I was actively involved with people who were all the colors of the rainbow, and a lot of those people also waved the rainbow flag! I loved it and I loved them, I laughed the hardest I had ever laughed in my entire young life, and I quickly realized everybody is the same inside!

I can vividly remember sharing my school stories with my extended family around the holiday dinner table, they were fascinated and curious about the gay people, but the idea of someone loving someone of the same sex was still a foreign concept, no hatred involved – just clueless!

As a hairstylist, I have always known someone who is gay, a lot of someone’s at this point in my life, and what I know for sure is this…there is no difference in the way they do or feel anything, including the way they love!

I had a gay roommate for 7 years, we had the best time being “Will & Grace” before there was a “Will & Grace” on TV!

I have many gay and lesbian friends and two of my closest girlfriends, were once girlfriends…I cannot imagine my life without my wonderful friends, and the amazing thing about lesbians is they often stay friends after their relationship ends, thank God – I would have never wanted to choose which one to remain friends with, because they are both so awesome!

I have gay and lesbian family members…my extended family is clueless no more, fortunately my immediate family has always been cool!

After caring a list of Overeaters Anonymous meetings in my wallet for a year and never going, it was hearing the story of my niece’s client that prompted me to go to my first meeting…my guiding light and saving grace, the person’s story God wanted me to hear, is also a lesbian!

I completely support and respect the LGBT community, I hope we will see all forms of discrimination lifted, and I cheered and cried when I heard the law of the land had been constitutionally changed on Friday…LOVE IS LOVE!


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