young people and recovery


I have volunteered to be the Young Persons Committee Chair for my Overeaters Anonymous Intergroup. I am excited to have the opportunity to reach out to people 30 and under, and hopefully help them find recovery, something I wish would have happened to me.

If there were a “do-over” in life mine would be to find OA at 23, instead of 43. I wouldn’t want to undo my life experiences or unmeet the people I love and adore, but it would be interesting to see how different those 20 years would have been without compulsive overeating and food addiction…would my life be better or worse, or would it be like every life, a little of both?

I don’t really enjoy playing the “If only I had…” game – it is completely pointless!

If my service can be the catalyst for someone finding recovery than I will be grateful, and if that someone is a young person than I will be ecstatic…I would love to see a young person have a long lifetime of joy, strength and recovery!

Childhood obesity has staggering facts, so instead of offering another diet to these children and their families (which are more than likely overweight or obese as well) let’s offer them recovery and support. Making healthy food choices, eating sensible portions, and following a meal plan is less daunting when you have a support system and a working relationship with the higher power of your understanding.

Again I find doing service truly strengthens my own recovery…409 days of abstinence and counting!



  1. GypsyHip · July 20, 2015

    This is awesome. I feel certain this will strengthen you beyond belief. What a wonderful thing you are doing. They are lucky to have someone that truly wants to help them.

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  2. Ashia · September 4, 2015

    I am really glad to find your blog. I am new to OA and need all the help and support I can get. I have been abstinent from sugar for a couple of weeks and from compulsive overeating for a few days. Please keep writing!

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