my *&%#@!$ AC is broken!


I have had no air-conditioning for 9 days, and I still have 3 days until an entire new AC is installed!

It’s July and I live in Florida, our average temperatures right now hover around 90 degrees with 100% humidity, so having no AC feels like being in HELL!

The first few days I was rather zen about the whole situation, but as time has crept by, my emotional state has become very fragile…I am crying about anything and everything that goes, even slightly, askew from what I was expecting.  I feel like the heat is frying my brain, and the constant state of being sweaty has zapped my energy!

Usually my favorite place in the world is home, but not right now!  I dread going home during the day, the things that I want to do have been put to the side – I only do what I absolutely have to do.  At night, I pack the bare essentials and sleep across the street at my niece’s house – as much as I miss my bed and my husband, if I wasn’t getting decent sleep I would have had a complete mental breakdown by now!  Btw…my husband is a damn trooper during this heat, he fortunately can sleep through anything!

I will not return to my usual source of comfort when stressed out; ice cream. cookies, brownies, candy, etc. I do not drink right now, because I don’t want the empty calories or the hangovers that last 3 days.  I cannot indulge in retail therapy, because my bank account won’t allow it.  So, I am left to accept life on life’s terms, and I am finding it to be very overwhelming!

I am looking forward to Tuesday…I am going to stay in my jammies, hang out with my hubby, keep all the blinds drawn, and set the new AC to 70 degrees!

I will resume my normal life on Wednesday, and hopefully be back to my happy chipper self 🙂


One comment

  1. GypsyHip · July 26, 2015

    Oh holy Moses you have my sympathy! Florida in July is not good without AC. That’s serious H-O-T! Way to go on not turning to the comfort items! If I could send you an extra blast of cool air right this second as a high five I sure would.

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